The VJTI International Alumni Association, USA, and the VJTI Alumni Association, Mumbai, are delighted to announce the establishment of the SUBHASH KANAKARAJU KANCHERLA SCHOLARSHIP FUND to support merit-cum-need based scholarships for VJTI undergraduate students. 

We are deeply grateful to Dr.  Vishal Kancherla and Dr. Vikas Kancherla for their generous grant that made it possible to establish this scholarship fund. Drs. Kancherla have instituted this scholarship fund in memory of their father, Mr. Subhash Kancherla, who graduated from VJTI in 1965 earning a BE degree in Civil Engineering. Mr. Subhash Kancherla's father, Mr. Kanakaraju Kancherla, also graduated from VJTI in Textile Engineering in 1916. 

The merit-cum-need based scholarships will enable bright young students to get a world-class education at VJTI without having to worry about the high cost of education. One VJTI student enrolled in the undergraduate degree program will be selected as a scholarship recipient following a rigorous selection process. The scholarship will cover the academic fees of the awardee for the duration of the time they are enrolled in the undergraduate program provided they continue to maintain a strong academic standing and meet all the requirements of the program. We anticipate that this fund will cover scholarships for approximately the next 10 years. 

Best wishes,
Rohin Daruwala, Professor (Adj) & Former Dean (Students Activities & Alumni Affairs), VJTI
Umesh Doshi (BE Electrical '73), Chairman, VJTI Alumni Association, Mumbai
Rajesh Parekh (BE Computer Engineering '91), President, VJTI International Alumni Association, USA